Spiders are everywhere in North America and identifies 12 different species of house spider.

Its body is divided into two distinct parts joined by a small size. Spiders have two mandibles, two pulps, eight legs, and can have up to eight eyes. They feed on other insects and are normally considered beneficial parasites.

Spiders can also be spotted around windows or near outdoor lighting as other insects are attracted by these places.

Like spiders eat other insects, it is imperative to eliminate food sources. We recommend that you scan your basement and crawl space inside your home, but also eliminate wood piles, high grass and trash around your home.

Preparation guidelines for treatment against Spiders.

  • If you need to receive treatment soon from SOS Extermination here are the simple guidelines to follow:
  • To get to control these critters, Sos Extermination treatment will be left in cracks and crevices indoors in damp places where spiders may hide. Outside, apply around the perimeter and in the dark, damp places such as under porches, in skylights, around the eaves, etc..
  • Keep furniture, or any other element, the edge of the walls so that the technician Sos Extermination can access all critical areas.
  • You must leave your home during processing and return only after 4 hours or until the product is dry. Open windows for 20 minutes when you return, if possible.
  • Children, pregnant women and people with heart disease, kidney or respiratory disease or allergies should consult a physician before treatment.