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sewer rats

The sewer rats are present almost everywhere in Canada and the United States.

They attack human food in the fields, orchards but also in our grocery stores, our restaurants and our homes. The sewer rats has a body that can weigh 200 to 500 grams and is a parasite rather nocturnal and mostly active at night.

Rats are known to cause many diseases affecting humans, such as plague and murine typhus because they contaminate food and cause major damage to buildings and equipment and accessories houses. Indeed they contaminate what they do not eat with their urine, droppings and fur.

Preparation guidelines for treatment against Rats & Mice.

  • Eliminate all sources of food and seal all holes and openings through which rats can access your home
  • If rats are in cabinets or closets, empty places for these technicians to install control measures.
  • Keep children and pets away during the execution of services.
  • SOS Extermination take very heart has your safety and will sometimes use sticky traps, spring traps or traps to capture alive. Whenever possible, these items are placed in locations “out of sight” of the residents. – If you see any of these items, please do not move or touch.
  • If the use of baits with rodenticides is necessary, they are placed in bait stations locked and secured to the floor, and as much as possible in areas inaccessible to children. Please do not moves or touch the bait stations.
  • SOS Extermination technician will return to the site once complete extermination, to remove baits and traps. This tour can be organized before the execution of the service.