The European earwig is one of the most common insects in homes and gardens.

When they are present in large quantities, earwigs can ravage your flowers, your fruits and vegetables.
Earwigs, reddish brown can measure up to 19 mm (3/4 inch) in adulthood.
Having two clips at the end of the abdomen allows us to distinguish the male from the female.

During their search for food and a place of refuge, earwigs quickly slip into homes at night and hide in dark places and closed the day.

Their diet consists of foods of plant and animal origin. The earwig moves from one place to another mostly by men.

Preparation guidelines for treatment against Earwigs.

  • If you need to receive treatment soon from SOS Extermination here are the simple guidelines to follow:
  • To achieve control earwigs SOS Extermination.com conduct a spot treatment in the cracks and crevices on the outside as well as inside the places where earwigs like to hide, i.e. -d. in laundry rooms, storage areas, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Keep the furniture, or any other element, the edge of the walls to allow access to wall-floor junctions.You must leave your home during processing and return only after 4 hours or until the product is dry.
  • Open windows for 20 minutes when you return, if possible.
  • Children, pregnant women and people with heart disease, kidney or respiratory disease or allergies should consult a physician before treatment.