Chips are parasitic pests living in the bodies of mammals and birds that infest houses, bird cages and chicken coops.

Males and females bite and suck the blood of humans that frequently causes the formation of an itchy rash.

Several types of fleas attack mammals and birds.

The most common and most destructive dog fleas and cat, very similar at first sight.
They attack cats and dogs, but also humans, especially if the animal is away from home.

Preparation guidelines for treatment against Chips.

  • Arrange to treat your pet in a professional manner for the treatment of your home.
  • Vacuum all carpets, rugs and upholstery. Particular attention should be paid to the resting animal. Discard the vacuum bag when finished
  • Have a damp mop tile and vinyl floors.
  • Sweep all floors that cannot be washed with a mop.
  • Remove toys, papers, articles, etc.. the surface of the floor, including closets.
  • Remove and clean (or discard) all litters.
  • You must leave your home during processing and return only after 4 hours. Open windows for 20 minutes when you return, if possible. Children, pregnant women and people with heart disease, kidney or respiratory disease or allergies should consult a physician before treatment.
  • Place blankets on the floor in places where children can play.
  • Avoid waxing or cleaning floor surfaces, especially the edges, for at least three weeks after the treatment, and do not clean the carpets steam. Vacuum as usual. Expect to see adult fleas up to a week after treatment.