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Bed bugs

Bed bugs are flat, oval-shaped with a size of about 1-5 mm (1/16 to 3/16 inch).

Their color varies from gray to reddish brown and they often hide in beds and surrounding objects, such as headboards and nightstands. Bed bugs know how to hide in cracks and crevices during the day and then go out at night to feed on the blood of not vigilant. Be especially alert in your bedroom because it is usually the place where they find their prey.

The place where insects hide can help us identify them.

Bedbugs and bats and are usually found in attics and wall voids where bats rest. Insects scattered on your floor, especially during the day, without being around your bed can be a sign of infestation of bugs bats that are introduced into your home or local through openings around light fixtures or other lighting equipment.

Preparation guidelines for treatment against Bed Bugs.

If you need to receive treatment soon from SOS Extermination here are the simple guidelines to follow:
– Remove all electrical wall plates, plates and lids telephone jacks switches.
– Remove paint, mirrors and headboards walls.
– Remove the TV wall units, if applicable.
– Electronic devices should be left in place to be treated.
– Remove the clips at the base of mattresses, sofa beds and chairs. If they will be reused, place them in a plastic bag, then carry them to the laundry room only when it can be placed directly into a washing machine with hot water.
– Remove batteries from smoke detectors and CO2, if possible.
– Remove the front air conditioners / heaters, so close to the bed.
– Remove all bedding and pillows, put them in bags and carry them to the laundry room only when it is possible to place them directly into a washing machine with hot water.
– Get rid of old mattresses and box springs in poor condition. When you put new mattresses and box springs, leave the plastic covers or install mattress covers with waterproof zippers. This will protect against re-infestation.
– Let recoveries until the infection is completely eliminated.
– Remove the mattress and box springs of their bed frame and leave them standing on a wall.
– Disassemble bed frames.
– Remove the machine and all other items of drawers, bedside tables, cupboards, wardrobes, and other similar places. Make sure you carry all the clothes in bags or airtight containers to prevent insect spread into and infect other areas. It is highly recommended to clean all your clothes as this may lead to treatment failure if you replace clothes infested with bedbugs.
– Remove the curtains of the rooms, put them in bags and have them cleaned by a professional. Or, you can vacuum the curtains and steaming directly into the infested room without having to unhook. Then perform treatment of residual insecticide.
– Vacuum the floor thoroughly. Remove the vacuum bag and throw it in the trash immediately outside.
– Remove the baseboards of the walls if possible, or as directed by the SOS Extermination specialist.
– You must leave your home during processing and return only after 4 hours. Children, pregnant women and people with heart disease, kidney or respiratory disease or allergies should not return home within 24 hours.