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Bed bugs

Bed bugs are flat, oval-shaped with a size of about 1-5 mm (1/16 to 3/16 inch).Their color varies from gray to reddish brown and they often hide in beds and surrounding objects, such as headboards and nightstands.
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There are currently five major species of them: the German cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, the American cockroach, the cockroach brown-banded cockroach and wood are all parasites nuisibles.The German one is the most common widespread.
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Rats & Mice

They attack human food in the fields, orchards but also in our grocery stores, our restaurants and our homes. The sewer rats has a body that can weigh 200 to 500 grams and is a parasite rather nocturnal and mostly active at night.
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Ants are considered as one of the most effective groups of insects are most . These social insects live in colonies usually located outside, but it can happen to them seep indoors for shelter and / or food.
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Its body is divided into two distinct parts joined by a small size. Spiders have two mandibles, two pulps, eight legs, and can have up to eight eyes. They feed on other insects and are normally considered beneficial parasites.
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There are several varieties of wasps in North America including yellow jackets, hornets and wasps cartonnières.Males and females bite and suck the blood of humans that frequently causes the formation of an itchy rash.
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Silverfish have a bursiform body covered with silvery scales.They are nocturnal and prefer dark, damp and away. They can be transported from one place to another in cardboard boxes, books, and paper, and then land in your home.
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The European earwig is one of the most common insects in homes and gardens.When they are present in large quantities, earwigs can ravage your flowers, your fruits and vegetables. Earwigs, reddish brown can measure up to 19 mm (3/4 inch).
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Chips are parasitic pests living in the bodies of mammals and birds that infest houses, bird cages and chicken coops.Males and females bite and suck the blood of humans that frequently causes the formation of an itchy rash.
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